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What is ?


Well, has now become the holding domain of my other domains..

Before that I did manage a single site that was hosted by a company in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
The name of that domain was "".
Just for fun I also registered the name "" and had this also hosted at that same address.
Then I found that the maiden name of my lovely wife was available and of-course I could not resist to purchase that one as well and make a site for her.

After a while, I found the service of the hosting company in Brisbane Qld not very satisfying and decided to change tack.
I registered for a reseller account with
And for that I needed a new domain name.

It is not very easy to choose a name that means something and I selected
This was to reflect that our domains were there, thus the name "Is Here Too" at Rochen.
"" became my holding domain for a long time.

And I must say that I have been a good host to be associated with.
The Rochen forum is here.

Because of the cancellation of the hosting service in Brisbane Qld., I did receive a credit for unused time.
The only way that they allowed to use that credit was to register a number of additional names through their Registrar.
These domains were also at "isheretoo" and were used for varying pages.

However, due to starting a "new journey", I changed all that over to
This domain name was also in my name for a long time and I thought this name very appropriate for hosting my other domains.


Links to these domains are as follows: